About Us

Our aims

AirSensa will deliver a series of compelling outcomes: - A detailed, factual representation of air quality in our cities to help create positive and targeted solutions - The ability for everyone to see and understand the situation through powerful smartphone apps - with features like low pollution journey planning and automated high pollution alerts - Long-term data on key pollutants for local government as an input to transport planning and policy creation - Joint research with universities to learn more about how to solve the pollution problem

Most importantly, we’re creating deep and engaging educational materials for young people of all ages - and will supply them free of charge to every school in the UK.

Our network

We believe that you can't manage what you can't measure, so we created the AirSensa project to monitor and visualise air quality across London right down to individual street level, to share key real-time health information with everyone in London through free apps, and to enable us to target specific solutions accurately and efficiently.

The AirSensa network, which will be the largest air quality sensor network in the world just with existing sponsorship commitments, will eventually consist of up to 10,000 sensors across the whole of greater London. Equipment is being sited on schools, business premises, iconic buildings such as The Gherkin and the Tate galleries, and other key locations.

AirSensa key elements

  • Unique sensor technology
  • Powerful cloud software platform
  • Funded by the private sector
  • University research partnerships
  • Defra and GLA supported
  • Platform-driven curation and estate management
  • Education materials for every school

Advisory council

Change London has an outstanding advisory council who share our desire to make London a better place. We're grateful for their input and advice on a variety of topics, from helping us to plan strategy to detailed technical input on our major projects. All our advisors represent themselves.